Webinar on Design Thinking was organised by our school on September 20, 2020 at 11.00 a.m. Mrs Sheetal Shinkhede, an electrical Engineer from VNIT Nagpur with specialisation in Industrial Electronics and a lecturer at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Polytechnique, The MSU Vadodara was invited as the resource person. She has 23 years of teaching experience and is a core committee member of various committees formed by the Vice Chancellor of the M S University of Vadodara.

The webinar began with the welcome speech by the Principal Shri Rajeev Kumar Singhal. He highlighted the importance of creativity and how students can utilise unique ideas and look for innovative solutions of existing problems. Participants from classes X to XII interacted online with the resource person to understand the advantages of Design Thinking. Mrs Sheetal Shinkhede provided an insight to mindful thinking of any problems that exist. She directed the students to look for solutions and ideate them. Then they should brain storm their ideas for further refinement. In this way, they can use their creativity and enhance their thinking for contribution to progress of society. Students must have empathy for others to find solutions to problems.

 This online session was live streaming for all the students of our school. During the lockdown with all classes going online, this webinar will come a long way to engage students to find creative ways for overcoming difficulties in life.

The webinar was planned under the guidance of the Principal Shri Rajeev Kumar Singhal by Information and Communication Department of the school.