“From handholding to screen sharing
From traditional to technical
From real to virtual
The journey was long, difficult
Yet not impossible
And we did not give up.”

It’s indeed a new beginning in our school’s history to celebrate the Founder’s Day 2020 virtually. This year owing to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s, V.M. Public School, Vadodara, celebrated its Founder’s Day on Thursday, 24th December’ 2020, on the virtual platform, live streaming the spell bounding celebration on You Tube, amidst great zest, vibrancy and elation. 

The event was virtually graced with the presence of Shri D.S. Dalal, Director Bhavans, Principal Shri R.K. Singhal, staff, parents and students. To mark the auspicious beginning and to propitiate the grace of the almighty for the smooth conduct of the evening the programme commenced by invoking Lord Ganesh.  

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.” The mood of the event was set by glimpsing through a splendid documentary, which took the audience on a glorious journey of Bhavans from its inception to achieving its present day place amongst the pantheons of centres of excellence. It was indeed a nostalgic trip down the memory lane of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavans and a proud moment for all the Bhavanites to be a part of such a rich heritage.

Every year brings with it, its own challenges, benchmarks and achievements. Each year new heights are scaled and explored. The previous year’s heights bettered and top spots clinched. The Principal, Shri Rajeev Singhal welcomed the guests and shared the school’s annual report highlighting the achievements of the school and the students. 

The magic of the jubilant Bhavanites mesmerized the evening with an extravaganza of their scintillating performances. The cultural programme began with the young students of primary and secondary sections presenting a soulful group song. After the melodious presentation the audience was transported to a magical land of music, melody and symphony with the young musicians presenting the Bhavan’s orchestra. Next, the students presented a delightful cultural fusion of classical and folk dances of Bengal Gujarat, Assam and Maharashtra making the environment vibrant.

Imagine a world, or a kingdom, where everything is sold for just a rupee, and where the rupee has no value! What would one do at such a place – where the nation is ignorant and the king is crazy? To answer this question, the young and very talented actors of grade VI enacted the hilarious play ‘Andher Nagari Chaupat Raja’ which captured the hearts of the audience.

This was followed by the Prize Distribution Ceremony where the academically meritorious pupils of the school were felicitated with Certificates of Excellence. Excellence is not a gift but a skill that takes practice and Bhavanites have always strived to foster this spirit of excellence and have left a blazing trail of glory in academics. 

The 100% attendance award proves how motivated the students are for each school day. They enjoy each moment in school and do not miss it for a single day come rain or sunshine. Next, the enthusiastic achievers of the 100% attendance were awarded with Certificates of Appreciation.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs. Archana Khamar, senior PGT teacher of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s, by appreciating the efforts of everyone involved in fabulously recreating the Founder’s Day Celebration on the virtual platform.

Finally, the evening ended by saluting the grit and determination of all the brave Corona Warriors who have been silently working, fighting against all odds, saving people and continuing to serve the nation in this ongoing pandemic. The august gathering was requested to join for the National Anthem, dedicated to all the valiant Corona Warriors.