Guidelines for Students/Parents/Guardians

Every student of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan must endeavour :

To be smartly and neatly dressed.

To converse only in English while he/she is in the school premiss.

To be polite and well – mannered.

To respect parents, teachers and elders and greet them once a day.

To stand quietly when a teacher enters the classroom and sit down only when asked to do so.

Never to tell a lie, cheat or use unfair means during the examination or on the playground, no matter what the temptation.

Never to loiter aimlessly along corridors, run about, shout or whistle.

To take proper care of books, notebooks and other school things.

To avoid writing on walls or carving out names on desks / benches / tables/ chairs / trees.

To know the magic words "please" and "thank you" and use them frequently on all appropriate occasions.

To accept defeat with a smile like a true sportsman.

To regard the school as his/her second home and do everything possible to keep the classroom and the school premises neat and pleasing to the eye.

Never to indulge in deliberate destruction of school property.

To report any such instance he/she may come across to the teachers.

 To treat his/her schoolmates as his/her own brothers and sisters and help younger ones whenever possible.

To be ready to co-operate in any endeavour to promote the well being of the school and schoolmates.

Never to bully the weak or make fun of the old, the poor or the handicapped.

To avoid vulgarity in talk and behaviour, no matter what the provocation.

To strive to attain excellence in whatever activity he/she participates in.

To make pursuit of truth and knowledge his/her motto. To be regular in attending classes. It is absolutely essential that students must maintain at least Eighty Five percentage of monthly attendance.

2. Turn Out :-

i) All communication between teachers and parents should be through school diary only.

ii) The school diary should be brought everyday.

iii) Parents should check the students’ school diaries regularly for remarks which may be sent by the teachers. They should enter their own remarks in the diary on the relevant pages for the information of the teachers.

iv) Girls Pinafores should cover their knees. The socks should be of normal length and should not be worn turned down. Fancy jewellery and nail polish are not permitted. Long hair must be plaited in two parts and tied with white bands/ribbons. Only black hairpins are allowed.

Students are not allowed to take private tuition from school faculty.

7. Discipline :-

i) All students must abide by the school rules and regulations.

ii) In accordance with the legal system of India, the circulars had already been issued to all the schools that no mobile phones, I-Pods or any other electronic item should be carried by the students to the schools for whatsoever purpose it may be. Violation of it would be treated very seriously. Hence the parents are strongly requested to see that their wards do not bring such electronic items to school. If the students are observed possessing any such electronic item, then they will have to face very serious disciplinary action.

iii) Students are advised not to get junk food but get only nutritious home made food.

iv) Students are normally expected to commute to school in a vehicle driven by professional and not by students. If at all, a student has to bring his/her own two wheeler, it should be according to the driving license issued and the student should be wearing the helmet while driving the vehicle. Students without proper driving license and helmet will not be allowed to bring their vehicles inside the school campus. If a student is found defaulting, he/she will be sent home. Students will not be allowed to bring four wheeler inside school campus. Parents’ co-operation is expected.

v) Parking of four wheelers in the school premises, even during examination, is strictly forbidden.

vi) Students will not be permitted to leave the school premises once they reach the school. Kindly ensure that doctors’ appointments too are fixed only after the school hours.

vii) Students' leaving the classroom without permission and loitering in the campus is strictly prohibited.

viii) It is compulsory that all students attend all the activities, functions and other programmes organized for the students. Absence in this connection will be viewed very seriously.

ix) Students are expected to respect school property and any damage to it will warrant payment of thrice the amount of the cost of the damaged property.

x) It is desired that the students co-operate in every endeavour to promote the well being of the school and schoolmates.


1. Please ensure that punctuality is maintained while reporting at the hostel after breaks.

2. It is compulsory for the boys in the hostel to attend all meals.

3. Proper etiquette and table manners must be observed during meals.

4. Students should be punctual for morning and evening prep. Middle school and senior students are expected to pursue their academic work after dinner also.

5. Optimum use should be made of prep hours without causing any disturbance.

6. TV viewing hours have to be followed strictly.

7. Tidiness and orderliness in a student’s personal life is most important. Students are responsible for making their beds every morning and keeping their books and other belongings in order. .

8. Students must take the permission of the House Master before meeting the parents or the local guardian.

9. Lights switch off timing would be observed as follows:

Munshi Hall : 09.15 pm

Vivekanand Hall : 10.15 pm

10. Inter Hall movement after dinner is not allowed

11. Every student should respect the school property and any willful destruction of the same will be dealt with severly.