Guidelines For The Boarders

 1. It is to be noted that students are not allowed to keep Mobiles, MP3, I Pods or any other electronic 

gadgets and jewellery or costly items.
2. They are not allowed to keep any eatables or snacks with their ward in the hostel.
3. Proper etiquette and table manners must be observed   during meals.
4.  It is compulsory for the boys in the hostel to attend all meals.
5.  Prep hours are supposed to be most sacred for students and there should be complete silence during 
6. Students should be punctual for evening and night prep. Home work for the day must be finished on 
the same day.
7. TV viewing hours shall be followed strictly.
8. Students are themselves responsible for making their beds tidily every morning and keeping their 
books and other belongings in orders. Tidiness and orderliness in a hostel’s  personal life is most 
9. Outside Visitors, Parents or Local Guardians may not enter the hostel. Students must have the 
permission of the Housemaster before seeing the parents or the local guardian.
10. The normal lights out timings of both the hostel are 10.00 pm and the students should strictly follow 
the same.
11. Inter room  movement after dinner is not allowed.
12. Every student should respect the house property and any willful destruction of the same will be dealt 
with severely.
13. Students are not allowed to move out of hostel with the permission of Principal.
14. Students are responsible for their personal belongings.
15. During the school working hours students are not allowed to visit hostel without the permission of the 
16. They should be careful of their hygiene.
17. Students should take advantages of remedial classes after the school hours.
18. They should strictly follow the instruction of the housemaster.
19. They should also follow the holiday’s timings as per the list provided by the school authority.
20. If they have any medical problem they should immediately report to the housemaster/matron.
21. For any other hostel/school matter they should first discuss with the housemaster.